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Mould removal experts

Mould Removal Experts

Experienced. Certified. Insured. Trusted!


No matter the size or location of your property, no matter the type of mould or how extensive the problem is, we can handle it. It’s cliché to say we’ve seen it all, but we really have. More importantly, we find it all and successfully remove it all. We’ve remediated mould from older basements and homes that have had water damage as well as newer homes and attics that have not been properly ventilated.


We are Certified Mould Removal Experts. Our accreditations include:

But what does this mean to you?

It means we are recognized as experienced mould removal experts by an independent, nationally-recognized third party. It means we are qualified, licensed and trusted to perform home inspections, mould testing and mould clean up. And finally, it means that we want to be the best at what we do and care about the clients we serve and the homes we restore.

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We are completely insured through the WSIB and have 2 million in liability. That means you don’t have to worry about our team working in your home or building. More importantly, our team is experienced and responsible. We will never send an unqualified person or anyone who’s not a mould expert to perform your mould remediation.


Over thousands of families, building inspectors and real estate agents have trusted us with their home, health and the success of their business. Why? Because we not only know the best way to remediate mould in houses and buildings, we realize that mould is a sensitive subject. We’re thorough, successful and discreet. Visit our gallery to see our work.

Our Method

A true mould removal expert will tell you that dry ice is the best way to eradicate mould. And that’s exactly what we use. Dry ice is not only extremely effective in destroying mould, it’s environmentally, electronically, people and pet friendly. For all of these reasons, it’s the only mould remediation method we’d ever consider using.

After thorough mould testing, including an indoor air quality inspection that tests for radon gas and urea-formaldehyde, we assess your home and decide on a plan of attack. Dry ice creates CO2, which upon contact, explodes mould spores so they can’t reproduce. Once the spores are broken up, we use certified mould removal equipment—industrial-strength HEPA vacs—to vacuum up the microscopic pieces. Finally, we fog the area with an environmentally friendly, people-and-pet safe antimicrobial solution to ensure that any remaining spores are killed.

We use this mould removal process for substantial mould contamination. If our initial home inspection reveals a minor problem—for example, mould around your window sills—we simply treat the area with an antimicrobial solution. There is no need to vacate your house for this type of cleaning. However, if mould remediation requires dry ice, we ask that you leave your house for a short time. We will cover your floors and ensure your furnace is off to prevent contamination.

We also work hard to educate people on mould and how to prevent it. Find out more about mould myths or if you’re a realtor, call us and find out how we can help you close the deal on your next home.